Industrial Controls

Control RoomThe control system you choose for your production plant has a major impact on the speed, quality, and cost effectiveness of the manufacturing process. Mykrotek knows how to analyze and tune your current control system to achieve its maximum performance. We also design control systems for all kinds of processes, including material transportation, weighing and measuring raw materials, mixing ingredients, and more. We even design systems to coordinate your entire plant and collect important statistics for management and accounting purposes. Mykrotek's experience with the following technologies means you can count on us to deliver the industrial control solutions you're looking for.

  • Controllers - Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) are specialized computers that provide industrial inputs and outputs, and use programming languages that are optimized for coordinating and interlocking one or more plant functions. PLC systems come in a wide range of styles and sizes, allowing you to select just the right amount of performance for the job at hand. Controllers can also be built from standard computer systems with special input and output hardware, giving you maximum power and flexibility when controlling your industrial operations.

  • Man-Machine Interfaces - Most control systems need to interact with one or more people, allowing them to monitor and control the process, as well as change the product being manufactured. These Man-Machine Interfaces (MMI) can range from simple switch and light panels to sophisticated computer graphic displays with touch screen inputs.

  • Programming - As with all computer systems, you need software to tell the control hardware what to do and when to do it. Many PLC systems utilize a special programming language known as Ladder Logic, which is a graphic language the resembles electrical schematics. Other common languages include function blocks, C, and BASIC.

Embedded Controllers
If you need to add control functionality to your products, Mykrotek provides the knowledge and skills to embed PLC features directly into your systems. From custom designed input and output systems, to integrated ladder logic interpreters, Mykrotek delivers solutions you can use today.



Industrial Control solutions by Mykrotek make your plant more efficient.

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