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You've got a business to run, with little time to worry about your company's computers. Let Mykrotek provide you with the knowledge and experience to keep your computers up and running. We'll help you choose between replacing or upgrading your current systems, select the proper software to get the most from your current systems, and configure your computers to make everyday tasks faster. Call us today to discover how Mykrotek's computer support services can save you time and money.

CPU ChipThese days, it seems as though that state-of-the-art computer you bought last year is ready for retirement today. Mykrotek helps you decide between upgrading and replacing your current systems. We tell you what can be done to bring your current systems up to speed, like installing more memory, bigger hard drives, or a faster CPU. You'll be able to compare the cost and performance options to arrive at the most economical solution for your needs. When an upgrade is required, Mykrotek supplies and installs all the components needed for virtually any PC- compatible system.

Although computers today are more reliable than ever, they still break down, costing you time and money. Mykrotek has years of experience troubleshooting and repairing PC- compatible systems. We quickly diagnose most problems and have your system working again in just a few hours. Don't waste time and money on your problem computers; call the experts at Mykrotek today.

Mykrotek handles all your computer installation needs, from software and components to complete systems. We install and set up modems, printers, hard drives, CD-ROM and CD-RW drives, network cards, scanners and more. We install your software and applications, choosing options that will tailor those programs for your systems and business needs. We'll  also help you plan and install complete systems, allowing you to utilize your business space more efficiently.

Network Cables If you have more than one computer in your business, connecting them over a network can dramatically boost your productivity and eliminate wasted time making redundant entries by allow users to share files.  You can also share printers and CD-ROM drives, saving time and reducing costs.  Finally, you can share your Internet connection with all the computers on the network.  Mykrotek installs and configures the network cards and software required to connect all your computers together.  Call us now to see how easy it is to make your computers and users work more efficiently.

Does it seem like your current systems and programs aren't helping as much as they should? Maybe all you need is to change a few settings in your applications. Mykrotek helps you "tweak" your programs and computers to make everyday tasks easier and faster -- and make your business more efficient. We also organize and reduce the clutter on your screens and menus, making it easy to find exactly the programs and data you are looking for.


Mykrotek keeps your company's computers running at their peak performance.

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