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What can you do to make your products more reliable, cost less, and deliver more features? Add computer intelligence! Mykrotek designs embedded controllers, sensor interfaces, and output electronics that allow users to interact with and control your products like never before. Combined with our years of experience in embedded software design, Mykrotek delivers a complete electronic design solution to your commercial and industrial product needs.

  • MicrocontrollersEmbedded Microcontrollers - These chips are the heart of any embedded controller design. We analyze your requirements to determine which microcontroller delivers the perfect balance of features, performance, and cost. Mykrotek then designs your system to take advantage of the unique properties of each device, so you get the maximum performance possible.

  • Signal Conditioners - In order to monitor conditions like temperature, pressure, and weight, these measurements must be converted to an electrical signal by sensors. Signal conditioners "clean up" the signals from these sensors and amplify them to levels that can be converted to a digital value as required by computers and microcontrollers. Mykrotek designs high performance electronics that allow your systems to monitor a wide range of inputs and protect your systems from potential hazards.

  • Indicators and Video Displays - Almost every computer system needs to display information for users to monitor and utilize. Mykrotek designs a variety of indicator solutions for computers and embedded systems, from a single LED display to a full video monitor display. We work with you to determine what information needs to be displayed, and the most cost-effective way to do it.

  • Circuit BoardPCB Layout - Once your electronics have been designed and tested, you'll need a printed circuit board (PCB) to hold and connect all the components. Mykrotek designs the board layout using specialized tools for the job. We use multilayer designs to minimize the size of the board, or if cost is an issue, we'll optimize the design to use as few layers as possible, saving you money. Once your board is designed, electronic files are created that can be delivered straight to the PCB manufacturers, or Mykrotek can handle getting your boards produced for you.

  • Assembly and Testing - For small production runs, Mykrotek builds and tests your completed electronic assemblies. We can procure all the necessary parts, program any devices as required, and assemble and solder all the components onto the PCB. We then test the board to make sure it meets all functional requirements. Count on Mykrotek for high quality products from design to production.


From concept to completion, Mykrotek creates embedded hardware solutions for your product.

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