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Serial CablesOne of the most common ways that computers connect to external devices and each other is through serial interfaces and cables. Modems, printers, electronic signs, and PDAs all use serial communications to transfer data between themselves and a computer. Many specialty computer systems, like cash registers and industrial control systems, also use serial communications. Although several standards for these interfaces exist, you'll find it isn't so simple to just connect these systems and have them communicate. Mykrotek's years of experience in developing and troubleshooting serial interfaces can help you get everything talking smoothly. The following list shows just some of the issues that we help you resolve when connecting devices using serial interfaces.

  • Serial Standards - There are several serial interface standards (RS-232, RS-422, RS-423, RS-485, etc.) that define the voltage levels and connector pins for the cables. Each of these "standards" aren't compatible with the others and require additional devices to translate between them. Then there is the problem of manufacturers wiring connectors in non-standard ways, so they must be mapped between devices.

  • Serial Formats - Once you get the wiring and voltages figured out, you must determine the format of the serial information; Baud Rate, Number of Data Bits, Number of Stop Bits, Parity Type, etc. There are literally hundreds of combinations of settings that can be used by each system.

  • Serial Protocols - Finally, once everything is connected and the correct format has been determined, the communications protocol between devices must be compatible. A protocol defines how and when each device sends data, and what data will be sent by each device. There are few standards for protocols, and manufacturers often invent their own.

Mykrotek has the tools, techniques, and experience to assist in all aspects of serial interfacing. We develop custom translators and interfaces to allow you to connect incompatible devices and allow them to transfer information. We make custom cables that ensure each system receives the proper signals, and we configure each device for maximum compatibility. Whenever you have difficulty making your serial devices communicate, call Mykrotek for a fast and friendly solution.



Mykrotek develops and troubleshoots almost any serial interface or protocol.

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