Mykrotek delivers a full range of services aimed at providing access to computer technology for businesses of all sizes. We help you and your company leverage today's technology to make your business more efficient and profitable. Call us today and discover how Mykrotek makes it easy to put computer technology to work for you.

World Wide Web

Internet Services - Being connected to the Internet is no longer a luxury in today's business environment. E-mail and Instant Messaging keep you connected to your clients. Your Web Site tells the world that you are up to date and ready for business. Mykrotek helps you to get connected, or upgrade and secure your current connection to the Internet. We help you choose the right connection, share your connection throughout the company, and set up firewalls and security to protect your systems and data.

Computer Components

PC Support and Networking - Computers are an indispensable part of doing business today. You depend on them for everything from writing letters to keeping track of your finances. Keeping them running and problem-free shouldn't be part of your company's workload. Mykrotek provides the knowledge and experience you need to get the most from your computers without having to hire your own "guru". From repairs and upgrades to installation and networking, we take the hassle out of maintaining and connecting your company's computer systems.


Software Development - Usually, it's easy to find a program or software package that fits your needs. There are times though, when you have a unique application that isn't addressed by available "off the shelf" programs. Mykrotek develops custom software for use in your business or products that meet your exact requirements. We are experts in business applications, end-use applications & device drivers for your customers, and embedded software that enhances your products.

Circuit Board

Electronic Design - If you have an idea for a new product, or for improving your current product with new technology, we can help. Mykrotek provides a full range of electronic design services, from circuit design to printed circuit board layout and assembly. We'll take your requirements and determine the right mix of microprocessor, digital, and analog design techniques to yield the optimum solution for your needs.

Serial Cable

Serial Interfaces and Cables - With all the different computers, modems, printers, and other accessories on the market, it can be difficult getting them all to communicate with each other. Mykrotek specializes in troubleshooting, developing, and implementing serial interfaces and communications protocols. We also design custom cables to connect your systems together, and use our specialized tools to debug and repair your existing serial interfaces.

Control Panel

Industrial Controls - How you control your manufacturing and plant devices affects both the quality and cost of your product.  Mykrotek has years of experience in designing, implementing, and updating industrial plant control systems.  We help you select a PLC (programmable logic controller) and write the ladder logic programming for it.  We also develop PC based control solutions to meet your exact needs.


Mykrotek handles your computer technology needs so you can concentrate on your business.


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